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You know you have CFIDS/FMS when… pull out a garage door opener from your purse to unlock your car, aim it at the key slot on your car door, click away, and then stand there in a stupor, wondering why the door wont open.  --Unknown are shopping at Wal-Mart, and while looking for something in the shelves, lose your cart. -- Vickie M. Feist go upstairs to have a bath, only to realize the bathtub plug is downstairs ... so you decide to have a bath tomorrow instead. -- Gossamer

    ....your decision which pharmacy to use is based only on who has a drive through, so that you don't have to get out of the car. -- Vickie M. Feist continue watching Martha Stewart reinvent the brick because the remote is out of the hand grope area. -- Christa wear non-shaped dresses because nothing else you have slides on or off as easily. -- Ann wear your shirt backwards all day and don't notice it until you're getting ready for bed.  (Neil said he'd get me up and dress me before he goes to work in the mornings to make sure I have my clothes on right!)  -- Elaine Dodson

        You don't make the bed because you know you'll get back in bed in a few hours...Jan Traupel

           You can't remember what you have to do without writing it on the calendar, but forget to read the calendar...Janice Weisser

You plug in the portable mixer to iron your blouse…Kathryn Fullington

            You decide your husband/boyfriend will just have to put up with your hairy legs… or shave them for you…Yvonne Frost

You don't recognize the person you were just talking to two minutes after you talked to them...Elaine Dodson

          You fill up the tub to take a whirl pool bath and decide you're going to take a nap instead 'cause you’ve exhausted yourself filling up the tub and putting on the whirl pool attachment…Ann

You have your hands full of tools, none to do with what you’re fixing…Doug McCoy

You feel like you have been beat up one side and down the other with a baseball bat, but no one in your family plays softball…Lynne Hollister

        You cut off all your hair because you're too stinking tired to wash or style it anymore…Shyrell Melara

Updated on:  March 10, 2003