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Support Group Talents

Many of our support group members are very talented.  Black Hills CFS/FMS Support Group members may submit an article or talent (artwork, poetry, etc.) to be considered for publication on our web site.  Contact the web master at

The following artists share their talents:

Sarah Flynn  has always enjoyed writing poems and stories and has had several published.  Some were published in a collection of poems for the millennium entitled “America at the Millennium.”

Pam Cranfill has been painting since 1987 in acrylics, watercolor, and pastels.  She is a member of the Black Hills Area Decorative Artists and a participant in the Memory Box Program.

Elaine Dodson designs mandalas with her computer using Microsoft Publisher.   Elaine has also designed several things for the support group, including our support group letterhead, business cards, and brochures.

Helen Long had a poem, entitled A Winter's Storm, published in the Rapid City Journal on June 10, 2001. 

Sandy Ryan published a book of poems, entitled Treasurers of the Heart.  This is one of the selections from her book.

Updated on:  March 10, 2003