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Advice for a new patient with Fibromyalgia and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The National Fibromyalgia Awareness Campaign’s Holiday Survival Guide:
   Part 1: How to Fight Fatigue and Avoid the Holiday Blues
   Part 2: What You Can Do Before the Holidays Begin

Rethinking Usefulness  by Susan Dion

WRITE NOW: MAINTAINING A CREATIVE SPIRIT WHILE HOMEBOUND AND ILL is available without charge to patient groups, service providers and individuals through a grant from the Puffin Foundation, LTD and via support from the New Jersey CFS Association, and the National Association for Poetry Therapy.  New in 2002:  WRITE NOW is now available for downloading from the Renal Network, Inc. of Indianapolis's web site at

"My 7th Friend"

Lose yourself in a book.  There are many books on CFS/FMS at the Rapid City Public Library.

A letter to dear ones who don't have CFS/FMS.

Resources for helping couples cope with illness.

Support groups can help those with CFS/FMS to cope.

In search of support....... “CFIDS support groups come in many shapes and forms.  Some offer much-needed basic support, others provide education, while others take a more activist approach.  People with CFIDS sometimes find that their need for a particular type of group changes during the course of their illness….”     Beth Huneycutt, CFIDS Support Network

Maintaining a Positive Attitude: Ten Strategies by Deborah A. Barrett

Even though
Even if the previous five thousand days have pushed you backwards, you can still move forward today.
Even when your resources have been depleted and your options have been exhausted, there is still a way to move ahead.

A whimsical prayer