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January 2003 Newsletter (PDF format)

If you can't read the PDF file, you'll need to install Acrobat Reader  on your computer, go to:

July 2002 Newsletter articles:

       New Ticket to Work Program begins
        New FMS magazine offers straightforward insightful info
        CFIDS Support Network's Profile of the Month presented
        Fibromyalgia Seminar planned by support group member
        New CFIDS/FMS support group forming in Sioux Falls
        Ordinary touches multiply into severe pain for FMS patients
        Running on Empty by Carol Downs
        Art group update -- Artists paint in Spearfish on Wednesdays
        Support Group Talent from Sandy Ryan      

 January 2002 Newsletter articles:

Support Group member has controversial surgery
Which drugs are used for FMS?
Sanfordís Grub & Pub added to smoke-free list
New tool helps people complete disability form
WRITE NOW correction
Art group update
Emís Attic & Pac Rat Palace
Aspartame & MSG-free diet eliminates pain
Rushmore Mall/KOTA radioís ďVolunteer of the WeekĒ
New Arthritis Foundation book on FMS published
Elaine Dodsonís artwork spotlighted
Let cats be your mentors