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Turning The Spotlight on Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome/Myalgic Encelphomyelitis

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patient Tom Hennessy, president of R.E.S.C.I.N.D.  (Repeal Existing Stereotypes about Chronic Immunological & Neurological Diseases), gave birth to the idea of Awareness Day in 1992.

It is important to note that the May 12th date was chosen to memorialize the birth date of Florence Nightingale, the English army nurse who inspired the founding of the International Red Cross.

To get involved or to find out more about R.E.S.C.I.N.D., contact:

9812 Falls Road

Suite #114-270
Potomac , MD 20854

Telephone:  (301) 983-5644
Web site: