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Black Hills CFS/FMS Support Group Guidelines

We are a group of people with a common bond, sharing our concerns, feelings, experiences, strengths and wisdom.

Our discussions are designed to foster positive attitudes and are directed toward solutions. We share our problems, but we do not dwell on them. We provide hope.

We listen, explore options and express our feelings. We do not prescribe, diagnose, judge or give medical advice.

We know that what we share is confidential.

Our leaders are not “the experts,” but one of us.

We each have the opportunity for equal talking time or the right to remain silent; we can share as much or as little as we want. Just say “pass” if you are not ready to share.

We actively listen when someone is talking and avoid interrupting and participating in side conversations. Please do not be offended if we say “shh” if you are participating in a side conversation when someone else is speaking. If a speaker welcomes questions during his/her presentations, please interrupt.

We encourage “I” statements. Please stick to your own experiences and avoid generalities.

Our meetings supplement and do not replace medical care.

We do not promote or provide specific medical advice. We are not here to sell or promote a product. Please advise one of the leaders if you are approached by someone in our group trying to sell/promote a product at our meetings.

We each share the responsibility for making the group run smoothly. Volunteer to help if you can.

          Having benefited from the help of others, we recognize the need to offer our help to others.