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Free copy of writing guide available 

The fourth revised printing of the 92-page book, WRITE NOW: MAINTAINING A CREATIVE SPIRIT WHILE HOMEBOUND AND ILL, is available without charge to patient groups, service providers and individuals through a grant from the Puffin Foundation, LTD and via support from the New Jersey CFS Association, and the National Association for Poetry Therapy.

WRITE NOW offers insights on the many benefits of writing when one is limited and confined by long-term illness or disability.  The guide suggests numerous exercises and ideas to tap a creative spirit regardless of severity of disability or previous inexperience with writing.  Several people (ranging from teenager to older adult, from several months to a lifetime of illness, from novice writer to published poet) share thoughts and writings in the volume.

To receive a free print copy of WRITE NOW, please send a self-addressed 6x9 envelope with affixed postage for 5 ounces ( currently $1.26).  For print requests outside the USA, send six international postal coupons OR $5 in US funds.  Desktop-publishing access via disk and larger quatities of  WRITE NOW are available upon request.  It can be photocopied and shared with friends.   Address all inquiries and correspondence to:

   PO Box 341
    Penns Grove, NJ 08069-0341

New in 2002:  The Renal Network, Inc., of Indianapolis is the generous web host of a large-print version of WRITE NOW at  Click on "Enter",  click on "Network Resources".  WRITE NOW can be found about three-fourths of the way down the page.  Click on WRITE NOW to download.