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Even though

Even if the previous five thousand days have pushed you backwards, you can still move forward today.
Even when your resources have been depleted and your options have been exhausted, there is still a way to move ahead.

Never, ever give up, for even in the darkest night there is always, somewhere, a source of light.
Even in the most difficult situation there is always, somehow, a way to triumph.

Though troubles come rolling in unexpectedly on a regular basis, life is, unquestionably, very much worth living.
Amid the pain, the frustration, the disappointment, there is yet something of unfathomable value and beauty in the experience.

Take hold of the abundant goodness that can never be extinguished.
Live every day in awe of the fact that you're alive.

 Never forget what a priceless, miraculous gift you've been given.  
The ups and downs of life pale in comparison to the magnitude of the blessing that is life itself.

        who you are,
            what you are,
              and why you are.

Even though the going sometimes gets rough, it is a blessed experience which has no equal.


Author unknown