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Sarah's Talents


             I felt myself being lifted as if on wings,
                          higher and higher I soared.

                        Above the houses past the trees,
                          Till past the clouds I soared.

                           No pain did follow me,
                           No anguish did I feel.

                           I knew this wouldnít last,
                           I knew it wasnít real.

                           Please let it last forever,
                           I fly and pray.

                           When daylight comes
                           This is where my soul will stay.

                            But come the dawn and day is breaking,
                            I wake to reality and the pain and aching

                      Bring me peace
                    I have come to dread the morning sun,
                            And curse at all the days that are to come.

                            And me, Iíve isolated my inner being,
                            Hidden for so long, my life has lost meaning.

                            I used to embrace whatever the day treasured,
                            Now I know not of any kind of pleasures.

                            Grieving and torn my heart has become,
                            I wonder at times if maybe death has won.

                            I know my Lord!  It canít come to that end,
                            Until I can truly become my own friend.

                            Only, how can I enjoy what my heart desires?
                            When pain races through me like never ending fire.

                            I yearn to know sweet peace of mind.
                            Only here in this world, I cannot find.

                            What will it take to feel pain no more?
                            Will I finally be standing at heavenís door?

                            I donít think Iíd be sorry to go,
                            Iíd have to leave my loved ones though.

                            Someday to be able to sleep in peace,
                            Will my soul be able to feel sweet release?


     Prayer to my Father
    O keeper of the heavens, Father of the stars and beyond,
      My sight is lost, my soul cries out to you.

      I have lost direction and I am wandering in the cold.
      I feel alone and isolated, unsure of my path, my people I do not feel a part of.

                             I search in my heart and cannot find an answer.
                             I pray to you so I may be able to live another day.

                             I cry out at night as a lost child seeking comfort and still my pleas are unheard.
                             If I have done this, if I am to blame that you do not answer me, then send me a dream as an answer.

                             Please let me awaken to a new day, to new hope in life.
                             Forgive me for my uncertainty of all.  I am so tired and as days go by, my will worsens.

                             Turn back my mind to a time when my mind was free of pain,
                             When the world was still blue and words were true.                                            

                                                   Poems by Sarah Flynn

Sarah was born on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and has lived in Rapid City since 1973.  She and her husband have six children.  Sarah was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1993 and has been attending our support group meetings since 1995.  She has always enjoyed writing poems and stories and has had several published.  Both she and her husband will have their poems published in a collection of poems for the millennium entitled ďAmerica at the Millennium.Ē