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A Winter's Storm
by Helen Long

The icy wind blows across the plains.

making the temperature seem much colder than it is.

Driving on the highway is much like a skating rink

as the tires slip and slide on the icy road.

Visibility is only a few feet at best,

as blinding snow covers the windshield,

the headlights making the snow seem brighter.

It puts nerves and courage to the test.

As the north wind blows the snowbanks grow higher

and soon rocks and curbs are hidden from view,

making our way ever more hazardous.

The only sounds are the wail of the wind

and the squeak of the wiper blades

as they try to clear the window of the snow.

Up ahead the red of tail lights come into view,

giving a sigh of relief, you know someone's ahead of you.

Traveling on at a snail's pace

tonight you have no desire to race.

Soon you arrive at your home,

you send up a prayer of thanks,

since you did not journey alone.

You can relax now with nothing to fear,

knowing that tomorrow you'll have sidewalks to clear.